Fine Art and Digital Prints

J. Lynn Studio LLC was founded in 2014 for the purpose of giving the collector and the artist the best choices for their artwork and printing needs. We researched the Internet and couldn’t find anyone that could fulfill our needs. Almost everything we offer is done in house. We do our very best to not involve a third party. If you a have a special request for something we don’t offer please ask us and we will be more than happy to help you find the best solution.

We feature some very talented artists in Arizona and provide them with a platform that allows them to showcase their work.
You can purchase original artwork or digital prints on most pieces. These pieces come with a Certificate Of Authenticity numbered and signed by the artist. Digital prints can be printed on canvas or archival paper. Prints are printed on different mediums that the artist requests. If you would like a print on a medium the artist doesn’t offer you are more than welcome to ask if the artwork can be printed on the medium you requested. It is not a guarantee it will be printed. The reason being is that it will take away the value of the original or the series prints.

We also offer large scale prints of your art or photographs printed on many different mediums. See below for the types of artwork or prints we offer.